How does it work?

  • Our Business Start Up Services provides new entrepreneurs with much-needed support and assistance in organising and initiating start up activities. Whilst the start up activities can be overwhelming and the new entrepreneur may have attended many websites, workshops and webinars to get started, our services offer a consultative, coaching and cool approach to help the new entrepreneur navigate decisively and take on the relevant steps towards achieving their dream of starting their own business.
  • We offer free consultation, 1-2-1 coaching and work alongside the entrepreneur during the step by step process of getting started for a seamless transition.

How does it help?

  • Our services help new entrepreneurs gain clarity on the key steps needed to go ahead.
  • Provides support during feasibility study and to establish USP for business success.
  • It is easy to follow steps and we work alongside the entrepreneur during their Start Up journey.
  • Helps entrepreneur reduce the cost of developing products and services by ensuring they are not wasting their time, effort and resources for a venture which is not worthwhile or viable.
  • Provides entrepreneurs better chance of success without needing or investing large amount of funds at the outset.
  • Enables entrepreneurs to explore opportunities, gauge possibilities and employ resources in a lean and smart way.
  • We offer prompt, cost effective and user-friendly set up services for start-ups.


What does it entail?

  • Strategic Coaching and Business Mentoring 
  • Company Set Up
  • Website Set Up
  • Basic Accounting Set Up
  • Communication Set Up
  • Administrative Support
  • Management and Consultative Support


Strategic Coaching and Business Mentoring

  • Setting out SMART goals, business’s future vision and strategic objectives with clarity on USP.
  • Assessment of necessary internal resources that Entrepreneur possess to ensure better chances of success.
  • Conduct feasibility study, evidence-based research, market analysis and planning.
  • Gather insights from MVP perspective as it is a less expensive and cost-effective way of developing and trialling the products or services with just core features and key functions so that it can be effectively deployed.
  • Use the business model canvas in mapping key aspects and activities for starting a business such as customer analysis, value proposition, channels, resources, cost structure, revenue stream,  customer engagement, stakeholder relationships etc.


Company Set Up

  • Understanding the types of business and assess what works according to the requirements.
  • Initiate relevant formalities for setting up the business. We also help to find investors.
  • Advice on protection of ideas and information relating to patent, IPO, Trade Marks etc.
  • Guidance provided on business name, formation activities such as work space, address, contact numbers etc.
  • Support provided in completing company formation protocols.


Website Set Up

  • Support on securing domain, setting up server space and devising websites which is crucial for networking and kick-starting business.
  • Setting up business email address for all e-communications and networking to help build-up clientele base.
  • Ensure the website can be easily accessed and navigated on mobile devices such as phones, iPad etc.  
  • Developing brand identity across all social networks and provide support in creating marketable profile.
  • Implement techniques such as SEO, analytics etc to monitor web traffic and improve visibility of webpage.


Basic Accounting Set Up

  • Qualified accountants provide dedicated service, ongoing support and 1-2-1 financial advice.
  • Provide guidance and support on financial matters such as tax, insurance, business bank accounts etc.
  • Set up simple book keeping system to keep records of costs, invoices, revenue etc.
  • Manage cashflows and produce financial reports for Board, Trustees such as Management Accounts.
  • Ensure compliance with regards to financial reporting for statutory obligations.


 Communication Set Up

  • Provide guidance and support on deploying effective communication channels to outreach target audience.
  • Optimising social media networks through blogs, articles etc. to build awareness of the brand.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of information relating to products/services for easy head-start and generating leads.
  • Guidance on Effective Business Email techniques to help new entrepreneurs achieve best possible chance of success when contacting potential customers.


Administrative Support

  • Provide governance function of overseeing key aspects of business operations which include accounting, finance, HR, project management, communications, MIS, marketing, IT related services – Cloud based or server based etc.
  • Enabling decision making as well as efficient organisation of available resources to direct activities towards desired business goals and strategic objectives.
  • Ensure enablers such as IT systems and applications are in place for smooth and seamless administrative management.


Management and Consultative Support

  • Experienced mentor and business coach provide reflective sessions which helps with motivation and direction which is vital for new entrepreneurs whose enthusiasm often slumps due to various challenges, burdens and overwhelming formalities during early days of starting a business.
  • Our collaborative and consultative approach help entrepreneurs to work with them during their start-up journey.