Enabling Businesses to achieve operational efficiencies

How does it work?

  • We provide all types of operational support necessary for running business effectively and efficiently to achieve sustainability.
  • It is common to see that many start ups fail to sustain and struggle to continue due to overburden of operational activities and the cost involved in running the business operations. Hence, the sole traders or business owners find it difficult to focus their attention on building and growing the business and spend their time, effort and money in solving operational matters or finding solutions that are extremely expensive.
  • This is where our expertise enables sole traders and business owners to benefit from our practical and tailored solutions for all operational aspects of the business.

How does it help?

  • Our support services model is a smart and lean approach to address all types of operational issues faced by any business. Hence, it is suitable and useful for sole traders and business owners as it frees them to focus all their resources, time, effort and attention into establishing and growing their business while we take on the day to day operational support and key activities vital to keep the business running.
  • Due to cost effectiveness of this model, it enables sole traders and small enterprises to achieve operational efficiencies which is essential for sustainability and thriving on in this fast-paced competitive economic environment.
  • Where required, we help our clients as facilitators by managing and procuring staffing and support services on behalf of the client.
  • Our support services are scalable, so they are tailored according to the requirements of our clients hence our bespoke solutions are suitable for all types of businesses.
  • Our free business mentoring and consultation sessions allows clients to discuss about operational aspects they need help with, and we provide the support and training that is necessary to help run the business in a cost effective and operationally efficient manner.

What does it entail?

Business Operations – central support for cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies

  • Strategic Planning and process review
  • Statutory obligations and Regulatory compliance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • IT and Communications
  • HR and Resourcing
  • Facilities and Logistics

 Strategic Planning and process review

  • Work alongside the sole trader or business owner to formulate and implement strategic plans in line with the business deliverables. We look at the business objectives and best ways to run the operations so that it meets the business requirements and delivers a positive outcome.
  • We review current processes for incorporating necessary refinements to make business operations seamless, smart and swift.

Statutory obligations and Regulatory compliance

  •  Support in compilation of key company documents such as Annual Reports and timely submissions to the Companies House, Charities Commission etc.
  • Provide help with board meetings, board recruitments and with any formalities with regards to invites, agenda, documentation, presentation, quorum, Minutes and effective secretariat function etc.

Finance and Accounting

  • Qualified and Certified Accountants dedicated for each client providing all types of accountancy services and support – invoicing, monitoring income, expenditure, variances, financial management reporting including Management Accounts for Board Meetings, collating Financial information for statutory reports i.e., Annual report for legal obligations., monthly cashflow statements etc.
  • Online Financial Services and Support is available which makes these processes easy and prompt.

IT and Communications

  • IT Infrastructure and IT Support – depending on the size and nature of the operations we provide dedicated IT support such as procurement and installation of IT equipment such as laptops, PCs, printers, accessories etc, Software Installations, Service Level Agreements with Vendors, Third Party Suppliers management, Licence renewals, PAT testing etc.
  • Communications – Support with digital communications including websites, social media, emails for sales and marketing etc.
  • Support with Telephony connections i.e., internet connections, mobile digital devices etc.

HR and Resourcing

  • Support in compiling HR policies, HSE protocols, staff handbook, onboarding and offboarding protocols, recruitment support with JDs and advertisements etc.
  • Coaching for Performance is available for operational staff and management team.
  • Help in securing resources and free training to upskill them where necessary.

Facilities and Logistics

  • Support provided in case of office accommodation, desk moves, document archiving etc.
  • Review functional areas for improved productivity and performance.
  • Guidance and support available for enhancing quality of Customer Service.