How does it work?

  • We manage and undertake responsibility for providing a defined set of management services to our clients for accelerating their business growth and laying foundation for future business development.
  • Our clients benefits from our expertise in management and governance functions which are necessary to grow their business, improve management practices, optimise available resources, reduce expenses and augment revenue.
  • The client continues to have direct oversight of the organisational management or systems, while we deliver the contracted managed services at an agreed and affordable cost.

How does it help?

  • We provide an insight into achieving maturity and continual progression through adoption of management best practices and professional outlook.
  • Once operational efficiency is attained, the business needs to optimise its capabilities and create a brand value so that it is becomes a preferred choice of consumers at large.
  • We help business adopt Know, Like and Trust Model to be known for its purpose and performance.
  • Our free consultation sessions enable client to engage and explore options available to embed best management practices to maximise their value and customer satisfaction.

What does it entail?

  • Business Management and Strategic Alignment 
  • Workload Management and Planning
  • Governance and Assurance 
  • Performance and Efficiency Gains
  • Customer Experience and Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Continuous Professional Development opportunities


Business Management and Strategic Alignment 

  • Work alongside Business Owners, Directors and Senior Management Team on business operating model in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Ensure transition from the current model (AS IS state) to the desired (TO BE state) and put forward recommendations for improved organisational performance, efficiency gains, optimum stakeholder engagement, optimal customer satisfaction and optimised maturity level.
  • We provide executive coaching and thought leadership. We also conduct interactive workshops on Management and Leadership skills. 

Workload Management and Planning

  • Provide time management, organisation and planning skills which are necessary for managing workload and pipeline of activities.
  • Enable businesses to deliver on time and within budget through preparation and planning.
  • Help business owners benefit from prioritisation, distribution or delegation strategy throughout the workforce in order to maximise productivity.
  • Enable businesses to adopt Result Oriented SMART working approach. 

Governance and Assurance

  • Set up governance committees with Senior Stakeholders, Board of Trustees etc. for periodic progress review on performance, risks, financials and strategic alignments with forward planning for accelerating growth.
  • Establish Annual Governance scheduler for effective planning and timely documentation for Governance Meetings e.g. strategic planning, budget reviews, risks and opportunities register, management accounts, regulatory submissions etc.
  • Implement pulse checks, assessments and surveys to improve efficiency and maturity levels.
  • Help with Executive and Dashboard reporting with Management Information vital for decision making and progress reviews.

Performance and Efficiency Gains

  • We focus on four key elements: People, Process, Practices and Performance.
  • Review the skill set of people and how they can be best optimised in their roles. We provide training and upskilling opportunities enabling them to grow in their roles with self-motivation and aspiration to outperform.
  • Review the end to end processes to ensure there are no bottle necks which could cause delays, customer complaints or poor quality of service etc. in order to refine processes where necessary.
  • Embed best practices around risks, opportunities, resources, finances etc. to ensure it leads to efficiency gains with smart working solutions.
  • Assure optimal performance with collaborative work environment, competent staff and effective leadership team. We help businesses implement Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve performance levels. 

Customer Experience and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Conduct strategic reviews with key and senior stakeholders to assess areas of improvements or areas of concern.
  • Implement best practices for stakeholder analysis and engagement.
  • Implement pulse checks and satisfaction surveys to identify customer satisfaction level and recommend strategies for improving customer experience.

Continuous Professional Development opportunities

  • Work alongside Directors and Senior Management Team to enable the workforce to leverage their potentials to the fullest extent and enhance their capabilities to match skill set and competencies required for delivering the various roles within the organisation. 
  • Our trained business coaches and trainers will be available to devise and develop bespoke training solutions and job-based workshops to enable employees’ personal and professional development.