How does it work?

PMO Services enables organisations to excel and expand.

We provide PMO expertise and an in-depth experience to organisations in delivering tangible returns, best practices, improved processes, enhanced capabilities and effective stakeholder engagement. We provide suitable solutions so that projects and programmes are managed effectively, governed adequately and delivered appropriately.

Our dynamic PMO services takes into consideration the P3O model which provides decision enabling and delivery support service to the organisation resulting in effective prioritisation, stakeholder engagement, thought leadership, best practices around change, risks, dependencies and benefits management.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer a dynamic PMO structure and function at the required level.

  • Portfolio Management Office
  • Programme Management Office
  • Project Management Office


How does it help?

  • Our PMO Consultant advises and delivers to meet the need of the client so we carry out strategic or high-level assessments and also hands-on service to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Traditional consulting services can be an expensive option with the big price tag so for small businesses the option of engaging an independent PMO Consultant is certainly a cost-effective alternative with a reasonable and affordable pricing structure which certainly makes it easy for clients to avail this service.
  • The scalable approach makes PMO solutions more user-friendly and effective in achieving optimal performance and operational excellence.


What does it entail?

  • Set up PMO from scratch or transform a failing PMO based on organisation’s vision, mission, strategy, business goals and operational objectives for effective portfolio management, revenue generation, benefits realisation and positive return on investment.
  • Mobilise existing PMO office capability and upskill in-house capability for resource optimisation, embed best practices around governance and implement process enhancements leading to improved staff morale and productivity with ongoing coaching for performance.
  • One size does not fit all so define, design and deploy PMO solution based on consultation with the client on their requirements and resources to implement a cost effective P3O model.
  • Thought leadership and Executive Coaching working alongside Board Members and Senior Management and Leadership Team for strategic alignment.
  • Provide practical and effective Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office solutions to help the client allocate their resources appropriately, plan and prioritise deliverables, map critical path, monitor milestones, scope, budget for successful delivery of activities, work packages, tasks, projects and programmes within the portfolio on time, cost and quality.
  • Ensure delivery of  projects and programmes on time and within budget through lifecycle reviews, change management, controls and regular Delivery Assurance Indicators (DAI) and Dashboard RAG reporting processes.
  • For effective functioning of PMOs, develop standard templates, implement processes and embed best practices for Change Management, Financial Management, Risks & Opportunities Management (RAIDO), Project & Programme Management, Governance and Management Reporting, Performance Metrics (KPIs/EWIs/SLAs), Lessons Learned, P3M3 Maturity Model, Resource Management and Benefits Realisation.
  • Provision of implementing scalable governance, user-friendly templates and registers for successful delivery of projects, programme and activities in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Stakeholder Engagement process for effective management of multiple and diverse stakeholders from Senior Management to Operational Staff.